About Us

We do work where bright bold projects are born in the co-creation of the whole team.
Show for the joy of your soul.

Ekaterina Perova
Producer and Director of Bright Show Productions. Having extensive experience in the entertainment and event industry for over 10 years.

Our principles:

To create shows which speak right from the heart.
To combine authenticity and modern tendencies, originality of idea and quality, spiritual values and business goals while working on the project.
To be a daring adventurer open to new challenges when working in a team; strive for self-development and learning; build mutually respectful, open and honest relationships, and foster creativity within a team.

Our principles:

Our greatest advantage is life experience. No matter how many projects you do, understanding many things comes only with age.

  • Extensive experience in the event industry and cultural and entertainment companies.
  • Finding and promoting new talented artists.
  • A separate team for each project. We work with professionals and talented specialists from Belarus and other countries.
  • High level of service. Our task is to establish the most comfortable and effective relationships with customers, partners and contractors.
  • The emphasis in our shows on a positive psychological impact on a person’s inner resources
  • The search for images and symbols that will stir up the imagination, will be bold, shocking, but will not go beyond what is permitted.
  • Working to create conditions for entering international markets
  • Promotion of Belarusian projects, specialists and artists under the sign of high quality craftsmanship and talent.